Monday, February 5, 2018

Middlehammer 2500 pts Undead army


Recently I came back to painting oldie Undead models - those from the very beginning of my Warhammer adventure (mid 90's that is). 
While digging through the remains of the collection lots of warm memories woke up in my corrupted brain. Warm enough to make me start another long distance painting project.

Back days I've managed to assemble and paint 2500 pts Vampire Counts force (based on 5th WFB edition rules) but shortly after last model was finished my gaming group fallen apart (bloody bastards... ><) and whole thing found new home through Ebay miniatures adoption center.
Now I really regret that step, because the army contained some models hardly available now. Available for decent price that is.

Anyway after paitning Nagash I though it would be nice to see fully painted army of the restless dead once again especially after browsing oldie Undead army book.
The big plan is to bring 2500 pts army, based on tournament rules (no special characters, 50 pts magic items limit etc) to existence.
First thought was to give it shape and colors of Undead force from Dark Omen game (which was supercool), but I think I'll rather try something more colorful, something more into original Undead army book.

And yeah, I want to raise Undead force, not Vampire Counts, which means there'll be carrions, mummies and hopefully chariots. I've never fielded unit of mummies but always loved the idea of these shambling, flammable monstrocities.
And the pyramid standing in the middle of "medieval" Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Necromancer Town was sooo damn funny!

So without further introduction here's the basic shape of what I am hoping to see in the end.
Hoping, because part of models is yet to be hunted. 
Final shape of the army surely will be evolving during the progress but here's the starting list, including magic gizmos:

  1. Vampire Lord, Carstein Ring, Black Amulet, Blade of Ensorcelled Iron (495)
  2. Necromancer, Dispel MAgic Scroll (93)
  3. Skeleton warrior x22, inc. standard bearer and musician, Banner of Defiance (302)
    Wight Champion, heavy armour, Parrying Blade (60)
  4. Necromancer, skeleton steed, Dispel Magic Scroll (99)
  5. Mummy x10 (450)
  6. Carrion x4 (180)
  7. Chariot, scythed wheels (76)
  8. Ghoul x15 (120)
  9. Skeleton horseman x5, inc. standard bearer and musician, lance, light armout, shield, Doomrider Banner (305)
    Wight Champion, skeleton steed, lancem heavy armour, shield, Ring of Darkness (84)
  10. Screaming Skull Catapult (74)
  11. Wraith x4 (300)
And for good start I managed to paint pair of oldie carrions (90 points in total!).
I still have mixed feelings about this unit: gamewise is't ok, the drawing in WFRP book is cool but as for the sculpt - you gotta love old/middlehammer to field it I guess. Apparently do so...
I am still not sure about ghost riders wearing bright rags, but I think it provides nice contrast to rather boring mounts:

See you next time!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Hello in the brand new, still shiny year,

Once again decision was made not to plan anything hobby-related for the nearest, predictible future (no idea why but such planning never works for me...) but all I silently hope is I can finish infantry swarm for my Bolt Action US army.
But before that I wanted to give a try to something rather unusual: microscale stuff.

Where did that come from:
Something like 25 years ago my dad brought Battletech board game to home.
It was a blast: these were the very first models I've seen ever, besides in mid 90's miniatures hobby for something extremly exotic here, and quite unavailable. Brain damage was even more severe because those days I was like 13 years old kid?
Anyway the game was something way too big for me, so cannot recall it was ever played...

Bit later, while I was on hobby convention (about 3 years ago) I met some nice guys from Polish Battletech / Alpha Strike community and was really surprised that game is still on.
Moreover, new models are still being released!
So just after coming home I started looking for miniatures and found short run of resin mechs: I managed to get Catapult, Adder/Puma, Jagermech, Wolverine, Cataphract and Battlemaster.
I really had and still have no idea are those good choice for the gaming purposes, I simply picked models I liked from limited offer.

Quality of sculpts (or rather renders) is just great, no match for oldie, classic scupts from the board game.
Painting such stuff was quite a new experience for me but I am glad I can see them now in the glass case. So here's the result, hope you like those:

This one has been painted probably in 2016 but the result wasn't somthing I was looking for so the paint was washed off to give model another shot. I was bit worried how breaking fluid would work on fragile, resin model but everything turned out fine. So here's before:

And here's after. I've finally found use for those silly decals from Chaos Space Marines box.
Looking at pics I can see the model turned out kinda rough, so I think I might give it some more glazing to make it smoother:

And Catapult:

Stay tuned for some deaders!


Saturday, December 30, 2017

NAGASH the ball breaker

Hello again,

It's been a while since I had anything (hobby-related that is...) to present, but recently it's been quite a busy period here: 
exams after first year of legal training, running two jobs and becoming daddy for the second time as cherry on top of the cake. Phew!

But since hobby-god demands constant devotion for the last model in 2017 I chose something rather special: Nagash. Yup, Lord of the Dead himself!
But not that recent placcy version for sissies, but the one and only version that matters, Gary Morley's metal sculpt straight from the early 90's! 
That's right - Oldhammer time! (or maybe Middlehammer?)

I've never seen this character in action when I was still playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle. In fact back days we used to play without special characters at all. Too bad really:
with such a terrifying profile, skills and magic gear Nagash could easily deal with such enemies like dragons (probably) not mentioning anything smaller.

Anyway I wanted to paint it bit less candy than official ("Bozo") version so decision was made to use violet/purple for the gown (it's just great color both for wizards and burials...), dark metalics and bone. Tested. well working combination.
By the way if you want to see really cool version of oldie Nagash - check buriedunderlead bloggy, Rochie did really great work on his model!
Had no idea how to treat the blade so ti was turned into "Frostblade" - blue works nice together with gems and it's strong contrast to overall dark look.

Must admit working on this model was fun, it was pleasure to paint piece of Warhammer history.

So looks like that's it for Nagash and for 2017. 
Hope you like it!


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tank & bone

Hey again,

This time it's only quick update - since the last post I've only managed to finish another piece of armour for my Bolt Action US force:

M3A1 Stuart, light tank.

Initially I didn't plan to add this bit to my collection but while purchasing some paints I spotted it in the store and checked gaming profile. Dependable on version it:
- is rather cheap,
- has 2 MMGs + light AT gun,
- has recce special rule,
- can exhange recce and front MMG for flamethrower (!),
- not mentioning it's Italeri's production which always means top quality. 

There are several assembly options but I decided the basic one: no extra fuel tanks and early type of turret. Let's be frank: all I care about is that puker on the front...

Painting is no surprise:
exactly the same, well tested color scheme. Didn't even try to test anything new - it must fit well what's already painted. The only modification is some extra varnish protection:
before sealing it with matt model was sprayed with gloss varnish to keep dry pigments where I want them and also to prevent paint from scraping off during transportation. 
Here's the result: 

And some handicraft, or rather: "bonicraft".
Last summer I got section of some animal's (most probably) backbone found in a forest. Apart from dirt it was cleam piece. It was partially covered with greenish, pale olive moss.
First idea was to use if on scenic base (Plain of Bones in the Old World) but then I thought to make something more practical: pen holder.

All in all it was pretty quick job.
First the bone got chemical bath just to be sure it's safe for everyday use. Sadly that lovely olive color vanished revealing nice aged bone. It was varnished for easier cleaning.
Then I got ~10cm diameter round, wooden plith which was also covered with gloss sealer.
These were assembled with 1mm thick rod and voila!, already in use:

And since it's about old bones:
last week there was small discussion about oldie Nagash model, from Undead range.
Remember Bozo, the clown?

Veteran Warhammer players probably do, this model causes lots of emotions, mostly negative. But long story short - it turned out before it was released there was other version of that stupid skull, WAY better.
Anyway I realised back days I've never seen it in action and didn't manage to get the model until like a year ago? Somehow it looks like more fun and challenge that new placcy version.
Model is now being washed off so expect news from the grave coming with the next post.
And to make waiting more pleasant - have a look at brilliant Mark Gibbons' offical artwork...


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Undead strikes back!

Hey again,

This time it's something to break camo colors of my US Bolt Action army, which have definitely dominated bloggy this year.

A while back someone reminded me about Warheim (Polish "spin-off" of original Mordheim game, still being developed!).
Some time ago I digged several undead model from ye pile ov shame and tried to assemble a warband. The project was first delayed and the forgotten (because of damn Bolt Action...) 

But since I need a break from painting everything mostly green and green, decision was made to finish the Vampire Count's warband and who knows - maybe throw it into action shortly.

Can't remember I've ever played Mord / War - heim, so don't think band built only using models I like is effective in game, but who gives a damn.
According to rulebook gang leader is a vampire, often supported by necromancer.

I've always liked idea of ugly, corrupted and rotting vampires (definitely not those cutie, wimpy bitches from popular movie), so the obvious choice was Necrarch family.
Sadly the only Necrarch I had was the guy wearing housecoat...
Oh well... It's still Necrarch...

Although vampires are powerful creatures Necrarchs are not much of fighters when it comes to brutal melee (fluff-wise that is). So Count von Housecoat dragged some of his helpers from the nearest graveyard.
First one is heavy-armoured skeleton.
The piece is definitely oldhammer and pleasure to paint. Colors were chosen to fit remaining undead servants. Not much mroe to be added about this guy: 

The other one is much more interesting in my opinion:
oldie ghoul (Gary Morley's sculpt).
Back days I used to totally underestimate these sculpts, I simply considered them ugly as fuck (sorry Gary...). Maybe because those were quite useless unit in Warhammer Fantasy Battle game - low leadership and that silly feed-rule. Something.
But it was back days.
A while back I gave them second look and realised not only they are not as much ugly as "specific" but also they are simply cool. With those weird faces those models could also be used as deep ones!

Since gouls are alive I chose mix of tan + mid grey as base layer which was highlighted with some lighter grey and pale olive. This followed by some umber and olive glazes and voila! - model is ready to search fresh graves for something tasty. 
Model turned out bit pale but it's fine - my zombies are rather dark.

And the family altogether - at this rotten stage that is.
Those models should be enough for test game but there's also a plan to expand the group by adding dreg and large (40mm base) werewolf zombie - both from Reaper range.
Hope you like it.  

And last but not least:
this month I've also painted very first human-sided model from Lord of the Rings game: Aragorn, badass king of Gondor.
Perry twins did really good job on this range of minis, they are proportional, dynamic and simply cool - especially if you like LotR movies.

Anyway this one is birthday gift for my kid: the pest is now 6 years young so there's a chance Aragorn will remain unbroken for like 2 weeks.
I hope.